Why Choose Focus Environmental Consultants?

Focus Environmental Consultants have extensive experience working with legally protected species.  Our portfolio includes a vast caseload of assignments in a variety of contexts including planning, development and conservation. Protected species surveys are commonly required to form a reliable basis for decision-making.  Surveys for legally protected species should only be undertaken by appropriately experienced and qualified ecologists. Focus Environmental Consultants has a highly-experienced in-house team with a full range of licenses to survey and mitigate for protected species.  We have a unique capacity to see projects through to completion with our sought-after mitigation (development) licence expertise.  We also offer a number of time-saving ‘fast-track’ licenses (known as Low Impact mitigation licenses), for the benefit of our clients.

Our Friendly Ecologists Can Help

Focus Environmental Consultants can provide advice, surveys, reports and licenses (for development or conservation) as required for the following:

•   Bats (including DNA analysis)

•   Badgers

•   Reptiles

•   Dormice

•   White-clawed crayfish

•   Barn owls

•   Otters

•   Water voles

•   Great crested newts (including eDNA)

•   Black redstarts

•   Breeding birds

•   Over-wintering birds

•   Fish

•   Aquatic invertebrates

•   Terrestrial invertebrates

•   Other notable fauna (please ask)

Download our free Ecological Survey Calendar to help keep your development on track. Please seek advice from one of our qualified ecologists before scheduling any work.