Why Choose Focus Environmental Consultants?

Ecological Mitigation Strategies and Management Plans are often requested by Local Planning Authorities and provide a deliverable mechanism to ensure that biodiversity interests are protected and enhanced though the planning process.  

Focus Environmental Consultants have a wealth of experience producing and tailoring these documents to suit the needs of individual planning authorities.  We have the benefit of an in-house team who can coordinate and implement these strategies in the form of ecological / arboricultural supervision, toolbox talks and practical habitat solutions (e.g. pond creation, tree planting, fence installation).

Our Professional Ecologists Can Help

Focus Environmental Consultants can provide advice, reports and practical site solutions as required for the following:

•   Mitigation & Compensation Strategies

•   Biodiversity Enhancement Schemes

•   Arboricultural Clerk of Work

•   Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMP)

•   Ecological Management Plans

•   Ecological Clerk of Work (ECoW)

•   Nesting bird checks

•   Supervision of sensitive operations

Download our free Ecological Survey Calendar to help keep your development on track. Please seek advice from one of our qualified ecologists before scheduling any work.