Why Choose Focus Environmental Consultants?

Focus Environmental Consultants are experienced in the delivery of large, complex and controversial projects where a higher level of planning and legal scrutiny is involved.  Such projects include those that are likely to have a ‘significant impact’ on the environment and may then fall under the remit of European Legislation like the EIA Directive and the EC Habitats Directive.  

Our experience gives you the confidence that we can support your project from initial concept through detailed design phases, consultee liaison and where necessary, legal inquiry.  Biodiversity offsetting is an increasingly popular tool for local planning authorities, where the aim is to secure ‘no net biodiversity loss’ or preferably ‘net gain’.  We can complete the necessary calculations and reports to achieve these standards.

Our knowledgeable Ecologists Can Help

Focus Environmental Consultants can provide advice, surveys, reports and formal proofs as required for the following:

•   Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA)

•   Flora & Fauna Chapter of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

•   Ecological Scoping Opinion

•   Appropriate Assessment under the Habitat Regulations (2017)

•   Biodiversity Offsetting

•   Expert Witness, Hearings & Public Inquiry

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