Why Choose Focus Environmental Consultants?

Focus Environmental Consultants are building an enviable reputation for innovative habitat creation and management solutions.  We are well-placed to assist you with any requirements for implementation of practical habitat operations, large or small. Sensitive habitat management is often required to implement planning conditions, mitigation strategies or method statements. A regular regime of management may be required to maintain public amenity space, increase biodiversity or prevent ‘banked’ development land becoming a future liability.

habitat management services by Focus Environmental Consultants

•   Scrub clearance, grass cutting & tree felling

•   Supply & installation of exclusion fencing (for great crested newts / reptiles)

•   Managed species displacement through sensitive vegetation clearance

•   Design & construction of artificial badger setts and otter holts

•   Pond & wetland creation

•   Species-specific habitat enhancements (e.g. hibernacula, log piles etc.)

•   Supply & installation of wildlife boxes

•   Tree planting for developments, landscaping or forestry

•   Invasive weed control / eradication (Japanese knotweed, giant hogweed, etc.)

•   Habitat restoration, creation & enhancement

•   Stream & river restoration works

Habitat management - artificial badger sett
Habitat management - pond creation

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