About Focus Environmental Consultants

Focus Environmental Consultants was founded by Directors Graham Davison and Fern Fellowes-Day in 2010. The company delivers the expertise to provide sure-fire environmental solutions to a wide range of projects. The company ethos forges the highest standards of professional scientific practice with a ‘best value’ approach for our clients.

A few words from our Directors

“We aspire to be a leading, independent, environmental consultancy that has core values of scientific excellence, innovative problem-solving, objective and honest advice and strong customer focus.”

Focus Environmental Consultants is situated in Worcestershire, providing a convenient and central UK location. We have a diverse project portfolio, ranging from major infrastructure contracts to smaller projects for private individuals across England and Wales. We operate in the markets of residential and commercial development, mineral extraction, infrastructure and conservation.

A large number of our clients require ecological and arboricultural support for planning applications. 

Our clients know that we will work proactively with them to find a solution to even the most intractable problems.  Our staff have in-house training to instil them with problem-solving and critical thinking ability.

Our flexible approach, range of skills and broad project experience allow us to adapt to the individual requirements of our clients.

What sets us apart from our contemporaries?

Investment in Training – we know that highly-trained staff ensure the delivery of consistently high-quality results for our clients.  Focus Environmental Consultants invests considerable resources to ensure continuous staff development through industry-accredited training and bespoke in-house workshops that stretch their capabilities and confidence.  Our staff understand the importance of ‘positioning’ clients when delivering news (good or bad) and empathising with the individual needs of customers.

Dedicated Lead – unlike many of our contemporaries, our staff are all in-house. Every single one of our projects (no matter the size) is allocated a dedicated ‘Lead’. This person is responsible for delivering the project within the correct timescale and to the highest possible standard. This person is also the named point-of-contact for our client, providing a truly personal service.

Education – we know that ecology in particular can be bewildering to the layperson, so have decided to bridge this knowledge-gap through some constructive education schemes.  We are also delivering an increasing number of bespoke education sessions for schools and colleges as part of our charitable initiatives.  By doing this we aim to enthuse the young environmentalists of the future!

Focus Environmental Consultants Service Award 2021
Focus Environmental Consultants Award 2021